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Too Much Oil in Car

The use of too much oil in car is not recommended as it leads to far reaching effects on the life and the health of the engine. The importance of oil in the engine includes lubrication, collecting dirt within the engine parts and overall maintenance of the internal engine parts. Although a low oil level in your car is not food, too much is also not quite healthy as this will lead to the production of a lot of smoke. How this results is that as there will be too much oil in car engine, some oil will end up getting into the compression chamber where petrol is ignited for the production of a compression force that drives the engine pistons up and down and ultimately turning the vehicle. 

When this oil is burnt, a white smoke is seen and this leads to the overall overworking of the various parts of the car. One of these parts will be the exhaust system that has been created to reduce the toxicity of the exhaust gas. The efficacy of the exhaust system will be greatly reduced as this will cause the exhaust system to overwork and reduce the life that it has as it was not created with the function of detoxification of this gas. This therefore leads to white smoke being emanated from the exhaust a gas that is also not quite environmentally friendly. To sort out the problem of too much oil in car, a little bleeding of the oil in the engine will effectively return the car oil to normal working condition.  

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